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Re: [openpgp] AS2+OpenPGP protocol extension review request

2019-02-15 14:11:53
On Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 03:19:08AM +0000, Peter Gutmann wrote:
Ben McGinnes <ben(_at_)adversary(_dot_)org> writes:

Ah, oops; well there's a good reason to drop initialisms and acronyms from
draft #3.

Yeah, I think both AS2 and MLS, which someone else pointed out, have
such a long history of use in the security community that it'd be
better to look for non-conflicting terms.

Indeed; and as a Pythonista I am reminded of the second line in the
Zen of Python, “Explicit is better than implicit.”

That certainly applies here.

Now, if that and a final decision on key sharing within the protocol's
scope are the only real issues here, I'll be very happy (and somewhat
amazed with myself).

I'd rather be sure, though, so if you could find the time for a bit of
a closer look, I'd greatly appreciate it.  No doubt eventual end users
would appreciate it more, albeit without the concious recognition of
that (in most cases).


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