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Re: [openpgp] User ID conventions (it's not really a RFC2822 name-addr)

2019-09-16 21:25:38

Thanks for all of this.

Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg(_at_)fifthhorseman(_dot_)net> wrote:

    > Proposal 2: simplify, simplify
    > ------------------------------

I like it too.

    > I believe that proposal 2 is closer to what most implementations do
    > today, and it handles goals A and B.  I don't mind it failing at goal
    > C because of how much simpler the matching rule is.


    > PS in researching other ways to solve this problem, i came up with an
    > approach that relies on Unicode character properties, in particular
    > Grapheme_Base and Grapheme_Extend as a way to exclude control chars
    > and other non-printables.  This is a more sophisticated/nuanced
    > approach than the RFC 6532 ABNF extensions to atext.  But specifying
    > it requires a character class set subtraction operation (you want to
    > subtract "<" and ">" and "@" and " " from the Grapheme_* classes),
    > which isn't listed in IETF's ABNF definition in RFC 5324.  And
    > implementing it requires a toolkit capable of discerning and acting
    > on Unicode properties (e.g. the python regex module from PyPi, but
    > not the re module from python's stdlib).  That's too bad, because
    > 6532 §3 effectively makes things like U+200B ZERO WIDTH JOINER
    > allowable within dot-atom-text, which is uncomfortable and weird.
    > But other implementers reliant on 6532 might accept such a localpart
    > anyway. These costs don't appear to be worth the minor gain compared
    > to proposal 2, so i've stopped attempting to document that approach.
    > If anyone wants to take a crack at it though, i'm happy to share my
    > notes.

Wow :-)

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