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Re: [openpgp] openpgp WG design team plan

2021-07-16 11:17:21

Hi all,

Just an update on that. We formed the DT as planned and
there's a DT mailing list (closed subscription but with
an open archive).

We'd like to thank Justus Winter and Daniel Huigens for
volunteering to help the editors (Paul and Werner) and
the chairs on the design team.

We had our first call today and the meeting notes are
at [1] in the DT list archive.



On 18/06/2021 14:29, Stephen Farrell wrote:

Hi all,

As you may have noticed we've not asked for a session for the
openpgp WG at IETF-111. The main reason is that we didn't see
that being so productive for us at this point as we probably
need to get more of the "catch-up" work out of the way before
it'd be a good way of using so many people's time.

So, in order to try speed things up a bit, we (as chairs) are
going to try form a design team. Our idea is that that team
will consist of the chairs and editors (Paul and Werner) and
a few others, will meet roughly monthly with the goal of
reviewing all the changes needed to bring the WG draft up to
the same level as the earlier draft-10. We hope that the DT
will emit an I-D also roughly monthly, as changes are handled
and committed to the repo.

For those less familiar with the IETF's design team (DT)
concept, a DT is a group selected by chairs who do some work
that is then an input to the WG - whether or not the WG have
rough consensus on the DT output is up to the WG and not the
DT. For this DT, we'll have a closed mailing list with an
open archive, and, as stated, roughly monthly calls.

So, if you're interested in helping out, *and* can commit to
making those calls, *and* to reviewing changes in between
calls, then please drop a note to the chairs. We plan to try
get this started in the next couple of weeks, with a goal of
resolving all the draft-10->WG draft issues ideally by the
end of August (ok, that's optimistic, but hey, why not? :-).

Stephen & Daniel.

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