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[openpgp] Upcoming OpenPGP meeting at IETF 112

2021-10-25 19:16:10
Hi OpenPGP folks--

We have a meeting scheduled for IETF 112, coming up in a few short

The session is scheduled for 2 hours, though we might end up making it
shorter if we don't need all the time.

It is scheduled for 2021-11-10, Wednesday Session I (12:00 to 14:00 UTC)

Our preliminary agenda is: 

 - 10 min: Paul Wouters presents a summary of recent changes in
 - 20 min: Daniel Huigens presents upcoming changes to
   mandatory-to-implement (MTI) requirements for algorithms, and what we
   have left before we can move toward last call.

 - 20 min: I'll present an overview of SOP, the Stateless OpenPGP
   interface, which (though unchartered) is useful for verifying
   implementation consensus for our chartered work.

 - 20 min: Justus Winter will present the OpenPGP interoperability test
   suite, and how to structure it and use it to ensure that our
   cryptographic updates are mutually interoperable.

If folks have other things they want to put on the agenda, please speak


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