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User Profile Information Protocol

2001-03-02 02:10:11
Hi Folks,

I welcome comments on the following draft.




title: User Profile Information Protocol

      We present here a protocol in which edge network equipments, also
    known as IP Services devices, Broadband RASes, Edge Routers and
    so forth, can inform surrogates or traffic interception devices
    extended information about the user, such as geographic location,
    QoS policy, fully qualified login (name(_at_)domain(_dot_)name) and start 
    stop times (or its equivalent for non-session based users).
    The User Profile Information Protocol, herein called UPIF, allows
    services providers, access providers and content delivery
    networks to provide personalized or differentiated treatment to each
    user individually, and also to enhance accounting considerably.

author: Reinaldo Penno, Andre Gustavo de   Albuquerque

date: 02/08/2001

id: draft-penno-cdnp-nacct-userid-02.txt

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