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Re: [midtax] Re: Midtax comments

2001-03-09 10:49:20
The keyword here is "middle", not that fact that OPES has
a callout service in its architecture.

Let me see if we agree (or disagreee)

MidTax focuses on traditional transport
level intermediary issues and how they effect things in the end-to-end
processing of the packet stream. A packet stream does eventually create
content but the focus is activity at the transport level.

OPES is defining an intermediary architecture for applications level content
management services. Owners of the "Ends" are aware these services are being performed explicitly requesting or allowing them. If the requested service results in a re-direction or re-construction of the packet stream, that is fine because it is the service requested. In other words the service model is being from the "customer" perspective rather than the "network". There is a base OPES architecture being discussed that includes
components including callout servers and adminstrative servers - this is
still under discussion. Consensus over an architecture here has not be
achieved at this time.

Now, these two spaces may ultimately have common technical problems, protocols, etc. and we will be quite excited to see where are two different visions will result in
a better solution and more effective Internet for all.


At 12:28 PM 3/9/2001 -0500, Melinda Shore wrote:

> If it is the middlebox in the transport area then how to you
> see the relations between MidCom and OPES (which is
> a applications level intermediary environment) - if any?

I don't think I do, but I could be convinced.  Aside
from the layer-violating nature of what we're doing,
OPES's callout architecture is, I think, different
enough to warrant being treated as a different thing.
But as I said, I could be convinced.


Michael W. Condry
Director, Network Edge Technology

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