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Re: QoS decisions made on Rule Engine or Adaptation Service?

2001-09-05 09:37:45

Ng Chan Wah wrote:

For example, if I had a rule which requires adaptation based on users:

        <property name="user-id" matches="staff">

There is no way I can pass the actual user-id, say "" to the
adpatation service.

Initially, we assumed that the action element would hold a service
URL, in which case it would have been possible to add the parameter to
the URL, e.g.


However, given that we no longer assume a URL in the action element
(i.e. no early service binding), we probably have to add ways allowing
specification of parameters or meta-data in general (which would also
me more flexible than the restricted "?" syntax). Maybe a possibility
would be to allow specific parameter/value pairs within the action
element, e.g.

     <parameter name="user-id">staff</parameter>

or something like that... We plan to extend the action element anyway
to allow for specification of failure actions.