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OPES personalization Actitivity

2001-10-19 06:49:07

During the last OPES meeting in London, a presentation was made on OPES
based Framework for personalization, in particular, a personalization
callout server.

The presentation has resulted in an excellent feedback and interest from
many companies.
In this regard, many people have come together to start some drafts on OPES
based personalization actitivity. The work will be posted shortly on the
OPES list by Nicholas Bennett.

Please keep in mind that the actitivity is open to everyone. We really
encourage feedback and active participation from all.

For now the activity has a home page at
everyone is welcomed to post realted topics on it. We also have a mailing
list on personalization, howevere, we will start using the OPES mailing list
very shortly.

I hope that this e-mail and the posting of the drafts will start a process
that will lead to the proper definition of an OPES based personalization

I am looking forward to be working with the OPES group. Furtheremore, many
thanks to micheal condry for his valuable feedback, and many thanks for the
efforts of people that participated in this activtiy.


abbie barbir
Nortel Networks
+1 613 763 5229
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