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OPES Working Documents

2002-03-05 20:33:48


looking at the charter, we better get started on our first deliverables, namlely

 - OPES scenarios document
 - OPES architecture document
 - Document on protocol (callout and tracing) requirements
 - Document on endpoint authorization and enforcement requirements
 - Document on threat/risk model for OPES services

Even before we work on these documents, we need to "investigate and propose to the Area Directors whether the architecture to be developed must be compatible with the use of end-to-end integrity and encryption". So let me add to the list

 - Memo on compatibility with end-to-end integrity and

There exist already some relevant Internet Drafts and other documents, but I would NOT necessarily assume that we simply take these documents and modify/add to them. We should rather consider the existing documents as input for the new ones, carefully consider how they address and match the charter and the IAB considerations, and take it from there. By doing so, if it turns out that an existing draft makes perfect sense to move into a deliverable for the WG - fine.

I would suggest that we have small teams working on each of these topics to come up with an outline and some proposal about the content of each document. Ideally, we would like to discuss the outlines and topics to be addressed in each of these documents during our meeting at IETF 53.

So, please, if you're interested in actively contributing to one (or more) of the above mentioned documents and are willing to help defining the outlines, please drop me a note. Other suggestions very welcome as well.


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