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Personalization BOF Planning meeting report

2002-03-21 12:55:58
Hi all,

A quick report from IETF 53, on plans for BOF at IETF 54 (Yokohama).

We got off to a promising start with planning for a BOF, but it is clear
that we will need to demonstrate more committed support to justify a BOF at
IETF 54.

We had three attendees at the planning meeting, which is okay, considering
the short notice and tight schedules here in Minneapolis.  This is a solid
core who will definitely be attending in Yokohama.

We had a brief discussion of the basic approach we should take for
Personalization services in IETF.  
The initial concept is to review the existing drafts and documents, and
begin modifications to fit the constrained OPES architecture, as an example
of an OPES service.

We agreed that the decision to proceed with planning for a BOF at IETF 54
will depend on the level of interest we can demonstrate.

In addition to the meeting attendees, I have also received mail responses
from three more people who expressed interest, but were unable to attend, as
well as verbal expressions of interest from a few more.

I am now requesting responses from ALL who plan to attend IETF 54 and are
interested in a Personalization BOF.  Please send me a message indicating
your interest, to help justify planning a BOF for IETF 54.  Also, please
feel free to distribute this message to any interested parties.

There is already a Personalization  web site and mailing list in existence,
and most future messages will be addressed to that list.  General
information about the mailing list is at:

Thanks and regards,

Paul Knight 
Content Networking & VPNs 
Nortel Networks Strategic Standards
978-288-6414  ESN 248-6414 

The world is a jungle in general, and the networking game contributes many
animals.  - RFC 826

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