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RE: About XML performance

2002-03-26 06:34:23

IMHO, it does not matter if the parsing of XML is slow.  Normal
implementation of IRML engine will not parse the rules in XML format
everytime a request/response passes by.  Typically, I will expect
implementors to parse the IRML only at load time, and store the parsed rule
in some native format for faster retreival.

XML parsers have come quite a way. Some of the newer implementations
(esp. MSXML4, IIRC) can achieve astonishing results. XML Pull Parsers
are also very good, depending on your application.

Saying "XML processing is very slow" is somewhat like saying
"intermediaries are evil"; it depends. And I'd note that his product -
an XML accelerator - could be the reason that he's saying XML is so
slow ;)

On Monday, March 25, 2002, at 03:46  PM, Hilarie Orman, Purple Streak
Development wrote:

Though it is primarily a product announcement, this article has
some interesting performance claims about XML:

Short story: XML processing is very slow; it becomes the bottleneck
for a website.


Mark Nottingham

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