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A proposal for delivery context

2002-03-28 01:04:34

Since the OPES charter was decided that the personalization work is out of
scope, personalization call-out server must now find a home.  Paul is
working towards a BOF for Yokohama.  In tandem to that, I would like to
propose a solution for the personalization call-out server and OPES (as it
is now) intermediary to co-exist gracefully.

The solution I propose is through the use of a sub-system known as the
"Delivery Context" sub-system. The idea here is to have the IRML engine
understands whatever personalization parameters that the PCS requires of the

I hereby attach an initial draft of the proposal for people on the OPES and
PCS mailing list to scrutinize.  Please feel free to comment, and contribute
suggestions.  If the group deems there is enough substance to continue this
work, I will also like to invite volunteers to co-author the draft.

Chan Wah Ng.

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