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RE: Need to look at tracing and debuggig

2003-04-02 22:32:46


        It looks like our disagreements are not as deep as I
originally thought. I agree with most of your latest comments.

        Indeed, we should be careful about distinguishing a content
provider system and a 3rd party system operating under content
provider permission. I was pushing for treating any system as a single
entity once the message leaves that system. You are saying that there
are at least three kinds of systems: content providers, end users with
their proxies, and 3rd party services like CDNs. I agree, as long as
we can treat a 3rd party service as a single entity once the message
leaves that service.

        How about starting with the following simple set of
unpolished rules:

        1. An OPES processor SHOULD add its identification
           to the trace.

        2. An OPES processor SHOULD add to the trace
           identification of every callout service that received
           the application message.

        3. An OPES processor MUST add to the trace identification
           of the "system/entity" it belongs to. "System"
           ID MUST make it possible to access "system" privacy

        4. An OPES processor MAY group the above information
           (items 1-3) for sequential trace entries having
           the same "system/entity" ID. In other words, trace
           entries produced within the same "system/entity"
           MAY be merged/aggregated into a single less detailed
           trace entry.

        5. An OPES processor MAY delegate trace management to
           a callout service within the same "system/entity".

We need to agree on what an "identifier" in items 1-3 represents and
how trace entries are encoded (the latter is application-specific).

Overall, do the above 5 items sound reasonable at all? Are there any
huge gaps they do not cover? (I think I know of one hole, but would
prefer to hear others' comments before diving any deeper)

Thank you,