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Re: WG Charter

1997-01-22 16:36:26
At 11:48 PM 1/21/97 +0100, Dave Crocker wrote:
At 8:24 PM +0100 1/20/97, Housley, Russ wrote:
The use of "SEQUENCE OF" is necessary when order is important, but it can
also be used when order is not important.  And, it has much less overhead

      Just to see whether my interpretation of your statement is accurate:

Your view is that it is ok to impose a required order in all cases?

I think this is more along the lines of "the sender put these in a specific
order, and the receiver will get them in that same order, in the event that
anyone ever wants to associate semantics with the order", not necessarily
that there is an imposed, required order (even though one could be specified).

Then again, I'm not Russ, so he could have something else in mind entirely.


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