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New S/MIME drafts available

1997-03-25 13:21:30
After much work on many people's part, there are new Internet Drafts for
S/MIME. The drafts combine the specifications from the old format draft and
the RSA S/MIME Implementors Guide. The drafts will appear in the IETF
directories in the next few weeks; until then, you can access them from:


Note that each draft has an appendix which lists open issues. These
appendixes list known topics that are not clear, need more discussion, or
are open to major change. Of course, you are free to discuss other issues
in the drafts as well.

IMPORTANT: please focus all discussion of the drafts on the
"ietf-smime(_at_)imc(_dot_)org" mailing list. The 
"smime-dev(_at_)rsa(_dot_)com" mailing list
should remain for developer's issues only. Information about the
"ietf-smime(_at_)imc(_dot_)org" mailing list can be found at

Also, if you are coming to the S/MIME BOF at the IETF meeting in Memphis,
please be sure to read the drafts before the BOF. Although there won't be
time to discuss the drafts in any detail (the BOF is only one hour long),
having people who know what's in the draft always helps move a BOF along.

--Paul E. Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium

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