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Keeping the mailing lists separate (ietf-smime edition)

1997-04-14 19:07:09
Greetings, S/MIME spec workers. As you probably know, there are two mailing
lists that relate to S/MIME. There is this list (smime-dev(_at_)rsa(_dot_)com), 
is for developers implementing S/MIME, and there is anotherh list
(ietf-smime(_at_)imc(_dot_)org) for discussing the S/MIME specification work 
that is
going on in the IETF. These two efforts, even though they are being done by
mostly the same people, are quite different.

The RSA folks and many of their developers are helping support the IETF
work, so this is defintely not an "us vs. them" situation. It's "both/and",
not "either/or".

Please do *not* cross-post to the two mailing lists. There is a long
history on the Internet of discussions that happen on two lists at once
falling apart as some people only reply to one list. Given that these two
efforts are fairly easily defined, and both lists are open to anyone, there
is no reason to cross-post, and plenty of reason not to.

Discussion such as "how do I implement abc", "who has implemented def",
"are there any toolkits for ghi", and so on belong on *the other* list.
Discussion such as "should S/MIME have jkl", "will the mno feature go into
the next round of S/MIME", and "I think that the pqr feature is
unnecessary" should go on *this* list.

Again, it is quite alright to be on both lists. In fact, I imagine that any
S/MIME developer would care about the IETF work, and would therefore want
to be on both lists, even if they only lurk. Similarly, many people working
on the S/MIME spec in the IETF would probably care about how the developers
are doing. I promise to post occaisional messages here to alert people
about implementation issues that come up on the other list that affect the
IETF work.

To get on the the smime-dev mailing list, send mail to:
with the message
     subscribe smime-dev

--Paul E. Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium

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