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S/MIME Charter suggestions...

1997-04-17 12:30:49
After reading our Chairman, Paul Hoffman's (of IMC) S/MIME definition, 
I propose a few, slight modifications...

Electronic messaging is rapidly replacing traditional forms
of communications for individuals and businesses.  As digital
communication techniques accelerate in popularity, so does 
the need for data privacy, message integrity, and 
non-repudiation of origin.  

The IETF S/MIME Working Group is chartered with defining a 
standard method to send and receive secure MIME messages 
that interoperate globally.  The group will place particular 
emphasis on the need for strong cryptography based on open and
publicly available algorithms.  In fulfillment of this charter, 
the IETF S/MIME Working Group will define the use of file formats, 
communications protocols, cryptographic algorithms, digital 
certificates and other relevant operational concerns. 

fyi, the currently posted 'charter' for your comparisons...

   Description of the Working Group:

   S/MIME is a method for encrypting and/or authenticating MIME data.
   S/MIME defines a format for the MIME data, the algorithms that must be
   used for interoperability, and the additional operational concerns
   such as certificates and transport over the Internet.

Charles Breed

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