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Request for Moritorium: The RC2 debate

1997-04-26 10:03:46
Thank you all for participating in this discussion, and it has indeed
helped the document authors. (No smiley here: I mean it.) It has helped us
see where we need to clean up the spec, making it both more secure and
(hopefully) easier to understand. That's good, and that's what this kind of
work is all about. The author group is actively working on the next
revision of the drafts, and you should hopefully see them in a bit more
than a week.

The RC2 debate can temporarily be tabled with what I believe is the
following consensus:
the final draft will not have MUST or SHOULD text referring to RC2 if RSA
intends to treat RC2 as a trade secret. The next version of the drafts will
reflect this consensus.

I met with the folks at RSA yesterday. RSA still treats RC2 as a trade
secret, they are considering many options, they understand the July 1
deadline set by Jeff Schiller, they want a resolution well before that, and
they don't want the RC2 debate delaying the entire process.

On that note, I'd like to point out that there are a host of other open
issues listed in the drafts, and that some of you might have come up with
others. Please feel free to start new threads with any suggestions for
resolution on the open topics, or to bring up others. And, again, I request
that you read the drafts before posting to the list. The author group will
do its best to get the next round out soon.

--Paul E. Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium

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