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Re: IETF S/MIME and Algorithm Independence

1997-05-01 12:27:20
At 9:47 AM -0700 5/1/97, Bill Anderson wrote:
I'd like to make an observation on the current IETF S/MIME draft that I
think may need to be addressed.  I believe it is the IETF's goal to achieve
algorithm-independent drafts wherever possible.

However, there was a mandate that we *not* do that on this work, that we
specify a minimum interoperability standard. That is, we don't want MOSS II.

PKCS #7 is an excellent standard for RSA messages, it is not currently
designed to handle other types of cryptography.

Well, we can all imagine why it was designed the way that it is. I'd be
interested in hearing about which other types of cryptography are prevented
byt PKCS #7. With the SMIMECapabilities attributes, we're allowing
implementations to change anything, including the type of cryptography
used. This was specifically to allow the kinds of changes you want, so if
some are prevented by PKCS  #7, we should deal with that soon.

--Paul E. Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium