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Re: Hello, is anyone out there?

1997-06-20 08:15:56

At 6:58 PM -0700 6/12/97, Charles Breed wrote:
1. When will the next version of the S/MIME spec be posted?
  (hopefully, clarifying the FOO(_at_)40-bit issue)

Soon. We're still waiting to hear from the RFC editor and Internet Drafts
editors with the draft that will replace RC2.

2. Is there going to be a working-group formed before the Jeff Schiller
  July 1st date?

Highly unlikely. No one has expressed much interest in a charter.

There were not many comments but I think the interest is there.  It states 
what is needed simply and accurately.  Let's get going!

What is going on with RSA and the 2 issues.  Was there ever any discussions 
or give-and-take on RC2 as the minimum mandatory algorithm by RSA?  Is there 
real intention on making S/MIME a formal vs defacto standard?

Weston Nicolls

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