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Re: Comparing email header fields with certificate contents...?

1997-07-08 16:25:15

I accept your challenge !

Please obtain the PGP key (RSA) for Dave Del Torto at any of the well-known 
available worldwide public key servers (PKI), such as,,...

His key ID is 0x4AAF00E5, fingerprint 30D8 1F34 84E6 A83F  6EC8 D7F0 CAB3 D265 
it was created 1/21/93.

(You can also get a FREE copy of PGP 5.0 at these sites if you need to.)

OTOH, I'll take my VeriSign class 1 X.509 cert, Serial Number 
159e8f93015f3d8b608d1e6f5bfaaf1f, Validity Start: 01/29/1997 and extract the 
public key material and relevant data onto a PGP key ring. I provide you with 
the 'key'/ certificate after import. (This is all experimental, no commitment 
to this feature is being made here)

I'll give Paul Hoffman at IMC, the list of differences between PGP 2.x and 5.x 
format for posting at IMC, so that the advantages within the new format are 
better known. This source code has been published.