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CFP: SEC '98

1997-07-30 05:32:51
Sorry if you get multiple copies.......

SEC '98: IFIP TC11 14th International Information Security Conference
August 31 - September 4 in Vienna and Budapest, Austria and Hungary

Austrian Ministry of Science and Research

SEC '98 covers a wide range of security related topics. It comprises both 
emphasis in technical as well as commercial aspects of information security. 
The conference is held within the framework of the the IFIP World Computer 

Important dates

-       Deadline for submission of papers: January 16, 1998
-       Notification on acceptance: March 27, 1998
-       Deadline for the final version: May 8, 1998

More Information:

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Posch
IAIK Klosterwiesgasse 32/I A-8010 Graz, AUSTRIA
Tel: +43 316 8735510 Fax: +43 316 873520 e-mail: 

Dr. György Papp
Prime Minister's Office Republic of Hungary
Kossuth ter 4 Budapest HUNGARY
Tel: +36 1 269 4826 Fax: +36 1 269 0314 e-mail: 

Dr. Peter Lipp, IAIK, University of Technology, Graz
Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications
Klosterwiesgasse 32/I, A-8010 Graz, +43 316 873 5513
Was nützt die beste Erziehung, die Kinder machen uns ja doch alles nach.

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