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MSG-00 Signing-Time Attribute

1997-12-01 06:43:20
In section 2.5.1 of the S/MIME v3 Message Specification, it states
that "Sending agents MUST encode signing time through the year 2049
as UTCTime; signing times in 2050 or later MUST be encoded as
GeneralizedTime".  However, the current PKCS #9 syntax for the
signingTime attribute doesn't support a choice:

SigningTime ::= UTCTime

If an updated definition is available somewhere, where is it?
The document doesn't include a reference for attribute definitions.
If an updated definition hasn't been proposed, how about this:

SigningTime ::= CHOICE {
  utcTime           UTCTime,  -- for years 2049 and earlier
  generalizedTime   GeneralizedTime -- for years 2050 and later -- }

Scott Hollenbeck (mailto: hollenbe(_at_)east(_dot_)xsis(_dot_)xerox(_dot_)com)
Xerox Special Information Systems
Arlington, Virginia, USA

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