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RE: Why do people fight about S/MIME vs. PGP rather than use MOSS?

1997-12-02 03:30:54
On 30 November 1997 14:11, Steve Crocker[SMTP:crocker(_at_)cybercash(_dot_)com] 

Meanwhile, S/MIME adherents usually take the position that MOSS cannot be
implemented easily unless one has a complete MIME implementation already.

This suggests the choice between S/MIME and MOSS is being made on the basis of 
what is easy to implement.  This is never a good argument to use, as it loses 
sight of one major consideration - the users.

Any choice ought to be focusing on what the users - at the end of the day our 
customers - will find integrates into the desktop environment in the simplest 
and cleanest way.  My understanding is this debate suggests this is a MOSS 
based approach.


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