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RE: The address-in-certs issue

1997-12-23 10:33:12
David P. Kemp wrote:

If we agree that relatively long-lived stable identities are a goal, 
and that accommodating environments where mail can reach a given user
by multiple and occasionally or frequently changing addresses is also
a goal, then we can't reach both goals by putting all the delivery
addresses into a cert.

Sorting out the above statement I get (and agree with) these goals:

Goal 1 - Long lived stable identities/certs (i.e. like a S.S. number)
Goal 2 - Allowing frequent change of address (i.e. like moving)
Goal 3 - Accepting use of multiple addresses

IMHO the dichotomy is clear; we cannot achieve all goals at the same time. It 
is the issue of adding and/or editing addresses that would result in an 
unstable certificate. I add my voice to those proposing that the certificate 
not contain any address.  

If we had some other form of permanent ID in our cyber world then I would vote 
that we put it in the cert.  Ideally, a recipient would only need one 
certificate for their entire life.

William M. Barry

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