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Re: ESS-04 ESSSecurityLabel Tags

1998-04-05 16:32:01

Good catch.  I think that we should make the label a SEQUENCE to fix this
problem.  Also, if we want to tag one of the INTEGERs, I would prefer to
tag version.


At 10:27 AM 3/30/98 -0800, Scott Hollenbeck wrote:
The ESSSecurityLabel structure includes two INTEGER types:

 version Version DEFAULT v1

 security-classification SecurityClassification OPTIONAL

when an optional security classification is present, don't we have
a tagging problem within the ESSSecurityLabel SET?  Shouldn't one of
these INTEGER types include a context specific tag, such as

 security-classification [0] SecurityClassification OPTIONAL

I believe we do have an ambiguous tag situation, and would propose
that the security-classification definition be changed to include
a context specific tag as defined above.

Scott Hollenbeck (mailto:hollenbe(_at_)east(_dot_)xsis(_dot_)xerox(_dot_)com)
Xerox Special Information Systems
Arlington, Virginia, USA

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