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RE: 'Signature Purpose' attribute?

1998-04-09 01:13:22
At 22:00 07/04/98 GMT, you wrote:


I am strongly opposed to any label mapping.  Signatures are end-to-end.  If
a gateway wants to alter the label, then it must remove the originator
signature and put on a new one.



Here is my two penneths worth.

I agree that signatures are end-to-end and therfore the originator
signature  must not be removed. A gateway may put its own signature on,
which may contain a label which maps to the originators label.

The signature applied by the gateway could be stripped off by a receiving
gateway. In the case of no receiving gateway the end recipient then has the
choice as to which signature to use. This could be none, one or more. In
which case the recipient would need to be able to identify which signature
is the originators and which, if any, belongs to a third party. 

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