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SecureConnect 1 announcement

1998-04-13 17:48:56
IMC's popular series of interoperability events for developers continues
with SecureConnect 1 for S/MIME v2, S/MIME v3, PGP/MIME, and OpenPGP.
SecureConnect 1 will be held July 23 and 24, and will cover end-to-end mail
security, specifically using S/MIME v2, S/MIME v3, PGP/MIME, and OpenPGP.
The market for mail clients using these technologies continues to grow, and
the S/MIME v3 and OpenPGP specs are nearing completion. Now is the time for
the industry to make sure that shipping and soon-to-be-shipping products
interoperate. Signed messages require the presence of certificates, and
SecureConnect 1 will also be a place for certificate Authority (CA) vendors
to test the interoperability of the certificates generated by their
products. Further, user agent vendors at SecureConnect 1 will be able to
make sure that their products can create and verify messages that come with
certificates from participating CAs.

More information about SecureConnect 1 can be found at

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium

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