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Re: The big picture in eSSSecurityLabels

1998-04-14 13:30:22
At 08:18 PM 4/14/98 -0700, John Ross wrote:
It is my understanding that even when the wrapping technique is used
the S/MIME specification request that all the labels be identical.
Or have I got that wrong and they may be different in the wrapping case?

Yes, you have it wrong. There's nothing in section 3 of the ESS document
that talks about wrapping, much less restrictions on it.

Also, as the ESS text is now, my understanding is that the originators
security label
is mandated  and must be part of the recipients access control
rules even it the label has no semantics in the receiving domain.

Errr, I'd suggest you reread the draft again. I can't find anything
remotely like what you're describing. The very first sentence of section 3
says "optionally", and nothing in the main S/MIME v3 message draft requires
any part of ESS. Further, the draft never says that the recipient has to do
anything with the policy it receives.

Those are the two issue I am arguing against.

Excellent! I think we're finished with this topic, then, since neither of
your understandings are supported in the draft. If you want to continue the
topic, please quote from the specification about the parts you have concern

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium