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Re: ESS WG Last Call

1998-04-20 14:45:37
From: Russ Housley <housley(_at_)spyrus(_dot_)com>

The Internet Drafts editor has posted draft-ietf-smime-ess-05.txt. Based on
the discussions on the list and talking to people at the LA meeting, I
think it is ready for WG Last Call.

The other documents (CMS, MSG, and CERT) are not quite ready for last call,
but I see no problem with ESS progressing to WG Last Call now.  However, it
will not progress out of the working group without CMS.

Happy reading,
  S/MIME WG Chair


  ESS draft -05 currently has no description of the contentIdentifier
attribute other than the single sentence in section 1.3:

    ContentIdentifier is an attribute (OCTET STRING) used to carry a unique
    identifier assigned to the message.

The definition of id-aa-contentIdentifier is included under section 2.7
"Receipt Request Syntax", but there is no further discussion of what
the attribute is to be used for or how it is to be constructed.

The only discussion of this attribute I can find is the following message:

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 15:10:56 -0500
From: jsp(_at_)jgvandyke(_dot_)com (John Pawling)
Subject: Re: New S/MIME OIDs


Please add:

id-aa-contentIdentifier       OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { id-aa 7 }

to identify the contentIdentifier attribute which is required to fulfill the
MSP signed content identifier (SCID) requirement.

- John Pawling

I request that the following attribute, which is used in conjunction
with id-aa-contentIdentifier, be added to ESS.

In accordance with John Pawling's request to segregate the description
of generic content references from the description of receipts, I
withdraw my suggestion to modify Receipt to maximize its commonality
with this definition.


2.11 Signed Content Reference Attribute

The contentReference attribute is a link from one SignedData to
another.  It may be used to link a reply to the original message to
which it refers, or to incorporate by reference one SignedData into
another.  The first SignedData MUST include a contentIdentifier
signed attribute, which SHOULD be constructed as specified in section
2.7.  The second SignedData links to the first by including a
ContentReference signed attribute containing the content type, content
identifier, and signature value from the first SignedData.

ContentReference ::= SEQUENCE {
  contentType ContentType,
  signedContentIdentifier ContentIdentifier,
  originatorSignatureValue OCTET STRING }

id-aa-contentReference   OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { iso(1) member-body(2)
    us(840) rsadsi(113549) pkcs(1) pkcs-9(9) smime(16) id-aa(2) 8 }


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