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Re: Question on adding an eSSSecurity Label

1998-08-03 07:54:05
Yes, I think this shoud be true.


At 02:11 PM 7/29/98 +0100, William Ottaway wrote:

In section 3.1.1 of ESS-06 it states :-

"If any of the SignerInfos included in a SignedData object include an
eSSSecurityLabel attribute, then all of the SignerInfos in that SignedData
object MUST include an eSSSecurityLabel attribute and the value of each
MUST be identical."

Is this true even if a signerInfo does not have any signed attributes?

For example, if the first SignerInfo does not have any signedAttrs and a
second SignerInfo is added which contains an eSSSecurityLabel, the first
SignerInfo must have an eSSSecurityLabel added, and therefore a contentType
and messageDigest atrribute, and the signature recalculated.


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