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Re: CMS Section 12, take 3

1998-08-04 06:05:36

I have a few comments/questions regarding CMS Section 12:

1) Sec 12.1, intro, last sent: Please change "Message Digest authenticated
attribute" to "Message Digest signed attribute".

2) Sec 12.2.1: Please change "The algorithm identifier for DSA is:" to "The
algorithm identifier for DSA used in conjunction with SHA-1 is:".  I assume
that if an organization requires DSA to be used with a hashing algorithm
other than SHA-1, then they will define their own OID in a separate document.

3) Sec Please change "Distribution of the key material used to
encryption the message encryption" to "Distribution of the key material used
to encrypt the message encryption".

4) Sec 12.4, 3rd para states: "Triple-DES may be an exception here; the same
identifier is used for both 2-key and 3-key Triple DES.  This is probably
easily handled by always wrapping three keys, even if the first and third
keys match."  These sentences need to be clarified.  The words "may" and
"probably" set off interoperability alarm bells in my mind.  We need to
resolve this issue and clearly state the solution in the CMS spec.  

5) Sec 12.4: Please delete: "{{{I am going to assume that this was suppose
to be a random padding.}}}"

John Pawling, jsp(_at_)jgvandyke(_dot_)com                             
J.G. Van Dyke & Associates, Inc.         

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