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Re: Ambiguity of DER encoding of UTCTime

1998-08-13 14:21:26
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From: Bancroft Scott <baos(_at_)oss(_dot_)com>
To: Darren Harter <Darren(_dot_)Harter(_at_)bcs(_dot_)org(_dot_)uk>
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Date: Thursday, August 13, 1998 07:04
Subject: Re: Ambiguity of DER encoding of UTCTime

A technical corrigendum to X.690 that addresses this matter was issued two
or three years ago.  The 1997 version of X.690 incorporates it:

11.8    UTCTime

11.8.1  The encoding shall terminate with "Z", as described in the ITU-T
X.680 |
       ISO/IEC 8824-1 clause on UTCTime.

11.8.2  The seconds element shall always be present.

11.8.3  Midnight (GMT) shall be represented in the form:


       where "YYMMDD" represents the day following the midnight in

11.8.4  Examples of valid representations




11.8.5  Examples of invalid representations

           "920520240000Z"         (midnight represented incorrectly)

           "9207221321Z"           (seconds of 00 omitted)

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I presumed the matter would have been addressed by the standards community -
thanks for the confirmation.


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