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Re: EntityIdentifier Definition

1998-08-24 05:17:22

You are correct.  EntityIdentifier used to be defined in CMS but was deleted
when the RecipientInfo syntax was changed.  I believe that the ESS ASN.1
module should directly include EntityIdentifier as follows:

EntityIdentifier ::= CHOICE {
  issuerAndSerialNumber IssuerAndSerialNumber,
  subjectKeyIdentifier SubjectKeyIdentifier }   
The ESS ASN.1 module should also be changed so that it no longer imports
EntityIdentifier from CMS.  Instead, it should import IssuerAndSerialNumber
from CMS.

John Pawling, jsp(_at_)jgvandyke(_dot_)com                             
J.G. Van Dyke & Associates, Inc.         

At 05:31 PM 8/21/98 -0400, Robert E. Booker wrote:
Enhanced Security Services for S/MIME I-D rev. 7 identifies an attribute
type of EntityIdentifier which is "imported from [CMS]" and defines the
syntax of MLData mailListIdentifier.  I cannot locate the definition within
[CMS] rev. 6.  Perhaps I've missed it but I've been through both drafts
several times.  Any help will be appreciated.

Warmest Regards...



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