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Fw: 1999 WET-ICE Enterprise Security Workshop

1999-03-03 08:09:25

Dear Colleague,

This mail is to remind you of the upcomming deadline for submissions
the Fourth International Workshop on Enterprise Security, to be held
as a part of IEEE WET-ICE '99 on June 16-18, 1999 at Stanford
University, California, USA. Deadline for paper submissions is March
22, 1999.

Electronic submissions are accepted. Please see the workshop web
page for more

Please accept my apologies if you receive this message more than once.

Enclosed is the Call For Papers. Your help in distributing the
CFP to interested parties would be greatly appreciated.


Nahid Shahmehri
Program Co-Chair

Dept. of Computer and Information Science
Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping

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      Submission deadline: March 22, 1999

      Fourth International Workshop on Enterprise Security
     a WET-ICE '99 workshop
June 16-18, 1999
      Stanford University, California, USA

    Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and CERC at West
Virginia University. Hosted by the Center for Design Research,
      Stanford University.

    This document is also available in HTML,
PostScript and PDF formats from

Enterprises are becoming increasingly dependent on their information
systems to support their business and workflow activities.  There is a
need for universal electronic connectivity to support interaction and
cooperation between multiple organizations. This makes enterprise
security and confidentiality more important but at the same time more
difficult to achieve, as the multiple organizations may have
differences in their security policies and may have to interact via an
insecure Internet.

These inter-organizational enterprise systems may be very large.
Efficient tools, techniques and methodologies are therefore needed to
support the specification, analysis and implementation of security.

This workshop will focus on the problems and challenges relating to
enterprise security in inter-organizational systems. We aim to bring
together principal players from both the internetwork and the
enterprise security community and will provide plenty of time for

Topics to be discussed include:
Internet security:
* Security protocols for the Internet
* The work and efforts of IETF security groups
* Global key infrastructures

* Distributed database security
* Secure transactions
* Inter- and intra-organizational security
* Security of collaborative applications

Secure infrastructures:
* Secure applications and environments
* Object-oriented and CORBA Security
* Secure enterprise infrastructures
* Security algorithms
* Public key infrastructures

Security management:
* Role-based access control
* Enterprise security policies
* Security in workflow processes

The program committee welcomes both papers and panel proposals
covering these topics.


Authors should submit six copies of an original paper (not submitted
or published elsewhere) to one of the Program Co-Chairs. Electronic
submissions are also accepted via the World Wide Web. Instructions
and forms are available at .

Submissions should include the title of the paper, the name and
affiliation of each author, a 150-word abstract, and no more than 8
keywords. Submissions should not exceed 3000 words in length.  The
name, position, address, telephone number, and if possible, fax number
and e-mail address of the author responsible for correspondence must
be included.

A representative selection of accepted papers will published in the
workshop post-proceedings. Papers accepted for publication in the
proceedings are limited to six pages (about 2000-2500 words) in IEEE
format (two columns, single spaced, 10pt Times). Authors are strongly
encouraged to adhere to this format also when submitting
papers. Detailed information on the IEEE format (together with some
templates) is available at


Send six copies of panel proposals to the General Chair. Include a
title, a 150-word scope statement, proposed session chair and
panelists and their affiliations, the organizer's affiliation,
address, telephone and fax number, and e-mail address.


Yahya Al-Salqan
Sun Microsystems
901 San Antonio Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94303
E-mail: alsalqan(_at_)eng(_dot_)sun(_dot_)com


Nahid Shahmehri
Dept. of Computer Science
Linköping University
S-581 83 Linköping
E-mail: nahsh(_at_)ida(_dot_)liu(_dot_)se

Mourad Debbabi
Computer Science Department
Laval University
Ste-Foy, Quebec, G1K 7P4
E-mail: debabi(_at_)ift(_dot_)ulaval(_dot_)ca


Dominique Bolignano, INRIA, France
Germano Caronni, ETH-Zentrum, Switzerland
Michael Geva, Java Security Group, USA
Jean Goubault, Gie Dyade, France
Dima Hamad, Birzeit University, West Bank
Douglas Maughan, National Security Agency, USA
Steve Lloyd, Entrust, Canada
Gary McGraw, Reliable Software Technologies Inc., USA
Aravindan Ranganathan, Sun Microsystems, USA
Sumitra Reddy, CERC, West Virginia University, USA
Vipin Samar, Oracle, USA
Bill Soley, Sun Microsystems, USA
Robert Thomys, BSI, Germany
Mark Vandenwauver, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
Wu Wen, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Tatu Ylönen, SSH Communications Security, Finland
Nick Zhang, Trans Enterprise Technologies Inc., USA
Qun Zhong, HP Extend Enterprise Lab, USA


Papers and panel proposals due  March 22, 1999
Authors notified of acceptance  April 26, 1999
Workshop                        June 16-18, 1999
Camera ready manuscripts due    June 30, 1999


For further information, please contact one of the Chairs,
or visit the workshop web pages:

For inquires regarding WET ICE in general, contact
wetice(_at_)cerc(_dot_)wvu(_dot_)edu or call (U.S.) +1-304-293-7226, or

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