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Changes in CMS examples -00

1999-03-23 18:00:11
Greetings again. After talking to Blake Ramsdell and Jim Schaad, the two people who are probably going to generate the initial keys and certs for the -examples draft, we changed things a bit from the -00 draft. I thought I would put the changes on the list to generate some more thinking about the content of the draft itself.

In section 6.2, we removed the keys that were used in just that example.

In section 3.2, we added keys for Eve for examples of sharing D-H, and we made Diane's RSA key for both signing and encrypting.

In section 3.3, we added a cert for Eve, gave Diane a new RSA cert and a new DSS cert, had Alison not inherit her parameters from Carl, and made Diane inherit her DSS parameters from Carl.

Got all that? I'll be adding comments to the Base64 in the draft so you don't have to just read the names. Here's the text that will most likely be in -01.

3.2 Keys

The following keys are needed to create the samples. Note that BobPubDHEncrypt and DianePubDHEncrypt do *not* share Diffie-Hellman parameters; however, Bob and Eve share Diffie-Hellman parameters. (A joke about "safe sets" comes to mind, but is elided.)

AlicePrivDSSSign = XXXXX
AlicePrivRSASign = XXXXX
AlicePubDSSSign = XXXXX
AlicePubRSASign = XXXXX
BobPrivDHEncrypt = XXXXX
BobPrivRSAEncrypt = XXXXX
BobPubDHEncrypt = XXXXX
BobPubRSAEncrypt = XXXXX
CarlPrivDSSSign = XXXXX
CarlPrivRSASign = XXXXX
CarlPubDSSSign = XXXXX
CarlPubRSASign = XXXXX
DianePubDSSSign = XXXXX
DianePubRSASignEncrypt = XXXXX
DianePubDHEncrypt = XXXXX
EvePubDHEncryptBobParam = XXXXX
EvePrivDHEncryptBobParam = XXXXX
MailListTripleDES = XXXXX
MailListRC2 = XXXXX

3.3 Certificates

AliceDSSSignByCarlNoInherit = XXXXX
AliceRSASignByCarl = XXXXX
BobDHEncryptByCarl =  XXXXX
DianeDSSSignByCarlInherit = XXXXX
DianeDHEncryptByCarl = XXXXX
DianeRSASignEncryptByCarl = XXXXX
EveDHEncryptByCarl = XXXXX

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--Internet Mail Consortium

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