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New SMime Capabilities item

1999-05-11 19:57:32
Please add the following to the SMimeCapabilities section of the OIDs
document on IMC.ORG.

sMIMECapabilitiesVersions ::= {sMIMECapabilities 3}
SMIMECapabilitiesVersions ::= SEQUENCE OF INTEGER
--     SMime Capabilities Versions holds the sequence of S/MIME V3
--     understood by the client.   Currently the only two items legal values
--     v2 (S/MIME version 2) and v3 (S/MIME version 3).   If the item is
missing from a
--     capabilities list then V2 only should be assumed.

The current justification for this is that S/MIME V2 clients will probably
not understand the CMS encrypted data objects.  Specifically receipient
infos other than key transport and may not be able to decrypt the message at
all if other key managment algorithms are used in the message.


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