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CAs that support subjectAltName

1999-06-30 18:53:54
We're doing some experimenting with certificates that 
contain subjectAltName=RFC822=.....

Outlook98 will not allow a signed  S/MIME message to be sent if the 
e-mail address doesn't match either the "E=" or
"RFC822=" attribute in a certificate, but the RFC822 form
does seem to work, at least on outgoing messages.

Other than hand-crafting one, Petra Gloeckner's certificate,
issued by "Research" is the only example I have of such
a certificate.

Does anyone know of a public CA that can issue
such certificates, so we can do further interoperability testing?


Robert R. Jueneman
Security Architect
Network Security Development
Novell, Inc.
122 East 1700 South
Provo, UT 84606

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