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RE: S/MIME version 3 email software

1999-09-28 00:21:00
I have not yet found S/MIME V3 software. Asking around, the suppliers asked
me what features are most wanted.
My answer would be CRL checking and chain trusts.
What other features are you looking for?

Best regards,

Gert Heidema
Manager Consultancy Services
Software Connection BV
The Netherlands

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From: Goddard, Daniel E (Dan), GOVMK
To: ietf-smime(_at_)imc(_dot_)org
Sent: 24-9-99 18:38
Subject: S/MIME version 3 email software

Does anyone know of any email software that is available
that supports S/MIME version 3?
I found that a similar question was posted on June 18th.

Thanks in advance,

Dan Goddard
AT&T Information Security Center

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