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RE: LAST CALL: draft-ietf-smime-cast-128-01.txt

2000-03-26 23:59:27
I have the following comments on the draft at this stage.  I am sorry for
being late, but I have been on holidays.

1.  In section 3 paragraph 1 -- The size needs to be required for an
SMimeCapablity and cannot be MAY.  We do binary comparisions to see if the
algorithms are the same so there can be no MAY fields.

2.  In section 3 --  Again I ask that you include the actual list of bytes
that are to be used for the SMimeCaps fields.  For an example of what I am
looking for you can look at section 7 of CMSKEA.  Due to the fact that a
binary comparision is being done, it is best to allow for no errors in the
encoding of this field.

Jim Schaad

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