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Re: Compressed Data Content Type for S/MIME

2000-03-29 08:53:54
Maxim Masiutin <max(_at_)ritlabs(_dot_)com> writes:

There is "PasswordRecipientInfo" defined in "Appendix A: ASN.1 Module" of 

There are no references to PasswordRecipientInfo. How should we handle it?

By replacing it with "CompressedDataContent" :-).  I copied the OID across
from another draft and the text came with it.  Also it's listed as (n+1) 
(equivalent to the '?' or 'TBA' from other CMS drafts) where n currently 
appears to be 6 (id-mod-ets-eSignature-97), does anyone have any objections 
to id-mod-compression being 7?  In addition it looks like the listed value 
for id-ct-compressedData has been overtaken by newer drafts, since the 
highest one listed is id-ct-contentInfo(6) are there any problems with 
id-ct-compressedData being 7 as well?

(Before anyone points this out, I need to update the [CMS] reference as well,
 I know... draft-00 goes back awhile).


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