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Re: Comments on draft-ietf-smime-cms-rsaes-oaep-01.txt

2000-08-01 13:48:20

Section 1 Paragraph 4:  Spelling error on interactibe.


Section 2 Paragraph 2: Remove last instance of "[CMS]" as it is not


Section 2.1 Paragraph 3: Delete or reword this paragraph as it is not
correct.  originatorInfo may be present due to other recipient infos.

Agree. The originatorInfo may be present if some other recipient is using a different key management protocol.

Section 3 Paragraph 5 (maskGenFunc): MFG1 should be changed to MFG1SHA1 or
all references to it using SHA1 should be replaced with references to it
using a OWF.

Section 3 Paragraph 5: Is SHA1 to be the one and only OWF supported here or
are others permitted.  Text is not clear on this issue.


Section 3 Paragaraph 5 and 6:  Why are you requiring that incorrectly
encoded (i.e. the default value is supplied) be recognized? "... recognize
both id-sha1 and absent..."

This was done for alignment with PKCS#1 v2.0.

Section 4 Paragraph 1: Spelling error "SEQUNCEs"


Please add ASN module to the end.  (I am just lazy.)

Will do. Either this draft will be folded into an algorithms document, or I will add a module here.


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