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Terminology - Was RE: Way Forward

2000-08-03 09:01:37
I agree with David's suggestion below. I find it very confusing that the
term "key management" is used here when I believe "key establishment" (or
even "key agreement") would be more appropriate.  When I hear key
management, I think of updating keys in certificates.  Key establishment is
more closely related to what is actually occuring, and as David points out,
is how it is defined in the literature.

Mike J.

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Regarding terminology, I suggest that the term "Key Establishment" be
used in lieu of "Key Management" in RFC 2630 section 12.3 and 
OAEP and DH have very little to do with "managing" keys; they are used
to establish a shared session key.  See HAC Definition 12.2.


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