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Semi-annual reminder: dumpasn1 utility available

2000-12-07 16:05:39
This is a semi-annual reminder to people about dumpasn1, which picks apart
ASN.1 data and displays it in human-readable form.  I do actually update this
every now and then, so it's worth checking every few months for new copies.
Recent (within the last 6-12 months) features include automatic detection of
stuff encapsulated inside bit/octet strings (no more -o or -b options),
detection of encapsulated text strings disguised as something else, the ability
to display text alongside a hex dump of data, an attempt at displaying
BMPStrings under Windows (which for console apps doesn't actually work anything
like what the docs would have you believe, if anyone can get it to display non
8859-1 characters let me know), and an indication of which bit is set if you've
got a large string of zero bits with a single 1 bit at the start (this was
motivated by the need to pick apart CMP error codes).

Available as usual from{c|.cfg}
for the source code and config file.


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