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Re: looking for introductory s/mime docs?

2000-12-09 13:00:41
"Erdal YILDIZ" <eyildiz(_at_)tsk(_dot_)mil(_dot_)tr>

I am looking for some high level documants about s/mime. I am very new in taht
area and the docs I look for  must be in the beginners level. What is s/mime?
The initiatives for it? Historical story of it? Etc.

You could look at part 3 of my crypto tutorial,, which covers among other
things "email security mechanisms, PEM, the PEM CA model, PGP, PGP keys and the
PGP trust model, MOSS, PGP/MIME, S/MIME and CMS, MSP" at a reasonably easy
level.  The historical background and other information is in there as well.


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