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RE: Mandatory to Implement Algorithms

2001-03-22 13:56:41
Wow, and I wasn't even there.  Sweet!

I will update the drafts and have new ones posted soon.


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Subject: Mandatory to Implement Algorithms

Dear Working Group:

At the face-to-face S/MIME WG meeting yesterday, we came to consensus on a 
new set of mandatory to implement algorithms.  The people present 
overwhelmingly agreed on the following:

        Encryption:     Triple-DES

        Key Mgmt:       RSA (using PKCS #1 v1.5)

        Msg Digest:     SHA-1

        Signature:      DSA and RSA  (using PKCS #1 v1.5)

On signature, we will require that implementations are able to verify 
signatures on certificates and messages using both algorithms; however, 
implementations are required to generates signatures on messages using at 
least one of the signature algorithms.


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