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ETSI ESI call on Policy requirements for TSAs

2001-03-26 05:19:55
Policy requirements for Time-Stamping Authorities

The ETSI ESI working group (European Telecommunications Standards Institute,
Electronic Signature and Infrastructure working group) is working on a
standard addressing functional and quality requirements for Time-Stamping
Authorities to form the basis of a generic time-stamping policy.  This work
item is being carried out within the overall framework of the European
Electronic Signature Standardization Initiative (EESSI).

The initial focus of this standard is in support of qualified electronic
signatures (i.e. in line with article 5.1 of the European Directive on a
community framework for electronic signatures) but may be applied to any
application requiring trusted time-stamps of equivalent quality.

The aim of this document is to provide policy requirements equivalent to
those for CA issuing qualified certificates as defined in TS 101 456 
(see below for web site), but targeted at Time-Stamping Authorities.

International, European and national communities, authorities, associations,
standardization bodies, vendors, service providers, users are requested to
provide any information that is relevant to this activity to the editor
for this area of standardization (see below).  

In particular, ETSI ESI requests input on:

· Views on minimum essential requirements, for time-stamping services to
  provide a level of quality such as is necessary in support of legally
  recognised electronic signatures,

· Relevant documents and specifications (draft or approved) - 
  preferably in English

Even if your organization has no specific input to make, indications of
interest in this activity would be welcomed.  We can then keep you 
informed of the availability of drafts for comment.

Response is requested by end April 2001. However, if meeting schedules 
do not make this possible, input at the earliest convenience date 
would be welcomed.

It is planned to produce a first working draft for general review by 
3rd quarter of this year.

Further details, documents, and e-mail list registration on this and 
other activities of ETSI on electronic signature standardization 
(including TS 101 456) may be found on:

Please send responses to the editor of this document: 
Nick Pope. mailto:pope(_at_)secstan(_dot_)com



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