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Re: S/MIME X.400 Transport

2001-08-14 16:54:37

Nandi proposed an alternative layout as follows:
        |   P1 Envelope                         |
        |   containing S/MIME oid               |
        |                                       |
        |-----------------------------------------------------------    |
        |    General Content Type               |
        |                                       |
        |    with CMS object being the binary   |
        |    data.                              |
        |                                       |

I am confused by this diagram. My understanding of the content type in the P1 envelope tells what ASN.1 syntax is to be used to decode the content. Therefore, the CMS content needs to have its own content-type OID. How can the S/MIME OID in the P1 envelope of the diagram compatible with the general content type in the content.


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