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RE: WG Last Call: RFC2630-bis

2001-08-21 07:45:21


Things are better -- here are my text comments.

1.  Section 5.4:  In the fragment
   "The IMPLICIT [0] tag in the signedAttributes is not used for the
   change to signedAttrs

2.  Section 9.1:  The description of items from originatorInfo to
authAttrs should be outdented one level.

3.  Section 10.1.6:  Insert a blank line before the ASN.

4. Security considerations:  Contains a reference to section 12.6

5.  I think that the OID defined for ContentInfo in the x400 documents
should be copied into the second on ContentInfo.

From -00 comments

35) Section 11: Update RFC 2459 text reference to "Son of 2459".


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