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authors 48 hours: RFC 3183 <draft-ietf-smime-domsec-09.txt> NOW AVAILABLE

2001-10-01 13:12:57


Updated 2001/10/01


This is your LAST CHANCE to make changes to your RFC to be:
draft-ietf-smime-domsec-09.txt, once the document is published we
*WILL NOT* make any changes.  

Please check your document at   

You have 48 hours (2 WORK days) to look over your document for any
last minute editorial nits, *especially check your code.*  If the main
editor of your document is out of town, or if you are going out of
town you may request an extension.  Extensions are granted at the
prerogative of the RFC Editor.

** Please send us a list of suitable keywords for this document, over
and above those which appear in the title.  

        Frequently INCORRECT information includes

        - Contact Information
        - References (are they up to date)
        - Section Numbers
          (especially if you originally put the copyright somewhere 
          other than the VERY end of the document, or if you numbered
          the "Status of the Memo" field)

Please send us the changes, *DO NOT* send a new document with the
changes made.  (If we think that the changes might be more than
editorial we will contact the AD or the IESG to confirm that the
changes do not require review.)

Send us the changes in THIS format.

        1)*** SECTION #'s***  [i.e. Section 5, 2nd paragraph] 
        2) the text you want changed, 
        3) the new correct text and 
        4) if the changes are spacing or indentation than please note 


        Section 5.6, 3rd paragraph

                The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

                The quick brown dog jumps over the lazy fox.
                                ^^^     ^               ^^^

If you have a whole paragraph to replace you do not need to use
the arrow to point out the differences

        INTRODUCTION, 2nd paragraph

        Replace OLD:


        With NEW:

Spacing or indentation problems...

        Section 10, 1st paragraph (remove spaces between bit 
        and of, add space after butter)


        Better botter bought a bit
                of bitter butterMary mary quite contrary


        Better botter bought a bit of bitter butter

        Mary mary quite contrary

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of this email, the document
will be published to the community at large AS IS.  

Thanks for your cooperation,

-RFC Editor


A new Request for Comments is now available from  As
the contact for a primary RFC library, you are responsible for
retrieving this RFC from ISI and installing it in your RFC library.
The official RFC announcement will be sent to the public distribution
list in one working day from this posting.

        RFC 3183

        Title:      Domain Security Services using S/MIME
        Author(s):  T. Dean, W. Ottaway
        Status:     Experimental
        Date:       October 2001
        Mailbox:    t(_dot_)dean(_at_)eris(_dot_)dera(_dot_)gov(_dot_)uk,
        Pages:      24
        Characters: 57330
        SeeAlso/Updates/Obsoletes:    None

        I-D Tag:    draft-ietf-smime-domsec-09.txt



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